StoryTeller Tote bag

by cabinet.of.stories


StoryTeller與本地插畫師Theo Hikari合作,創作出專屬StoryTeller的tote bag系列。



就讓tote bag代替我們,把脆弱說出來,讓自己和他人擁抱這份脆弱。


Do you feel vulnerable sometimes? 

It is okay to be honest with yourself.

Collaborating with local illustrator Theo Hikari, we create our first series of Tote Bag. 

Carry our tote bag around now, and remind everyone to take good care of their hearts. Never feel ashamed to embrace your vulnerability.

Self pick up

到實體店自提 Self pick-up at Cabinet

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順豐到付 SF Express (Paid by the recipient upon arrival) 

送到辦公室 / 順豐自提點 / 順豐智能櫃 
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送貨上門須另加 $30
For home delivery, an additional fee of $20 is required

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