Cabinet of Stories

Cabinet of Stories,是個位於中環的小小寧靜空間。

大家來到這裡可以邊呷着茶或咖啡,邊翻看身後書架上的書。我們收藏了不同藝術品、繪本故事書和畫作,等著你發掘。你可以在Cabinet of Stories 好好看畫、看繪本、分享故事、喝茶、體驗靜觀、選購藝術品...... 或是純粹好好坐下稍稍休息。


Opening hours:
星期三至日 中午十二時至下午七時

到訪睡前故事書房 Cabinet of Stories:
中環士丹頓街15號1樓 @cabinet.of.stories

Tel: 51375776 / 67698580


Cabinet of Stories is a little art space in Central.

After more than half a year, we have eventually developed a clearer vision. We decided to rearrange and redecorate our space in Central, hoping everyone can come visit, try to find themselves and “see” the present. You could find various collections of picture books, art works and art prints here.

During your time in the Cabinet, you may have a sip of tea or coffee, pick a book from our book racks, appreciate the paintings, or just simply take a good rest in the Cabinet of Stories.

Opening hours:
WED - SUN : 12pm - 7pm

Visit bedtime stories book store - Cabinet of Stories:
1/F, No.15, Staunton Street, Central @cabinet.of.stories
Tel: 51375776 / 67698580
Email :