Pocket Art by Mateusz Kolek

by cabinet.of.stories


The Pocket Art Series

Storyteller推出的Pocket Art Series,在精美的紙質封套中,都包含一個珍藏級的giclée art print以及一個與作品相關的故事,連同藝術家親筆簽名和標注作品出版數量的證書,確保該製品有嚴格的品質和數量的監管,更可提高藝術收藏的價值。

數位版畫 Giclée Prints 數位版畫是經過藝術家本人授權,採用數位微噴技術所印出的作品, 擁有認證書與複製版數的限制。經由藝術微噴輸出的數位版畫使用博物館等級的紙張,採用多達十一種抗退色顏料及高解析噴墨印表機,能高度還原作品色彩及細節,並可保證一至二百年不退色。

Each of these slim-sized paper folders contains an archival grade giclée art print and the story related to the artwork. Not taking much space to store, it can well protect and at the same time display the artprint. Think of it as a meaningful and decent gift when you want to share with your friends or loved ones the beautiful illustration and the message in the story.

Product information

This piece is a limited edition of 20. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and a certificate is included.

  • Currently available size: 10 x 15 cm
  • Archival grade giclée print of digital illustration.
  • Printed on artist-quality pigment and 300 gsm Hahnemühle acid-free cotton paper.
  • 100% alpha cellulose, and is guaranteed for longevity and colour reproduction. This type of prints is durable and resistant to fading and turning yellow, they can last from 100 to 200 years.
  • Please contact us to request an edition number of the print.


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